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Limousines for rent

Лимузини под наем

🆕 The most luxurious stretch limousines are here already! 🆕
Ringspot has the most attractive and diverse fleet of limousines for rent in Bulgaria.

We offer a truly unforgettable and exciting five star experience. We have a large catalog of great models to give our customers the best possible choice.

We offer services for all your unique and wonderful occasions, without occasion. 😉 Because we believe that the success of the event consists in detailed and careful planning, and testing even the smallest detail.

The larger it is, the more important is the role of planning. No matter what the event you have, you can’t just take the choice of transportation lightly. Especially when it’s a special day.

Limousines may be suitable for weddings, anniversaries, retirement nights, holiday parties, proms, bridal or bachelor parties, corporate events or group tours. ✅

Regardless of the type of event, renting a large and comfortable limo is important. It is important for us to have a successful event at the end of the day or night. 👈
  Do you enjoy making unforgettable gifts and experiences for someone close to you? You will find the answers to these and similar questions with us. You are in the right place!

Take your limousine for rent and get ready for a coupon party.

Our limousines can be used on different occasions

If you are a guest and do not know Sofia, we suggest you enjoy an amazing night stroll through the streets of the city with a limousine. After that, dinner will seem very special. You will feel like a royal person!

Лимузина под наем

Are you invited to attend a special event where you will need to cross the red carpet? Choose to appear stunning – with a limousine! You will be the “nail” of the evening and gather all the looks.

Of course, you want your wedding day to be your most wonderful experience. With a limousine at your disposal, you will have fun and feel the comfort and convenience of a luxury car that will get you where you want. 👈

The Ringspot.bg limos are incredibly stylish and classic and are a great way to get the grand start of your wedding. When you arrive with the awesome limo, your guests will be excited and will be eagerly waiting to get off of it to start walking down the aisle.

In addition, limousines are a great background for photos.
  If you are with a group of friends and have decided to give yourself something different this time. By renting a limo you will enjoy a different VIP experience. Allow it, because you deserve it!

Most limousines are single pieces, which guarantees the uniqueness of your performance. We maintain some of the best prices in the industry! 👈

At Ringspot Limousines, we offer exclusive luxury vehicles, uncompromised quality service and an emotional dedication to the profession, making luxury travel an event to remember. Our main goal is to provide first-class quality services from the beginning to the end of your journey.

Ringspot (Limousines) Policy:

The driver of a stretch limousine:

✔️ Must be reliable and inspire guests.

✔️ There should be enough experience behind the wheel.

✔️ Must maintain self-control throughout the journey

✔️ Need to have excellent communication skills

✔️ It has to be delicate and extremely attentive to the needs and requirements of the guests 

✔️ It should be discreet 

Enjoy your ride Your SAFETY & SATISFACTION are our PRIORITY №1 👈

We at Ringspot Limousines believe in complete transparency and honesty, which is why when you book with us, the final price you see is the final price you pay.

Want to add sparkle to your next event (like a cocktail or prom) with an amazing limo? Don’t forget to contact us!

Ringspot.bg is the largest stretch limousine company in Bulgaria offering the most famous limousines known on the television air.

Contact phone: 0885 710 760 Address: 122 Cherni vrah Blvd., Sofia