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At your disposal are premium stretch limos with a professional driver, refill mini bar with drinks and sound of your choice.

LITTLE LUXURY? Convenience comes in many forms, we have a full range of superstretch limos especially for you

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Limousines for all occasions


Offering a loved one is a very valuable moment. Inordinate amounts of time and thinking are invested in the planning process. Renting a beautiful luxury limousine is a great way to offer the love of your life! Share breathtaking moments and offer them in the most unexpected moment and way, a day you will never forget...

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A Luxury Stretch Limousine is an integral part of every fancy Girl's party… Dear ladies, keep the tradition and give the future bride Unforgettable moments with one of our special limousines… .and she will be your best friend ALWAYS!

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A luxury stretch limousine would be an unforgettable part of any memorable Ergen party… Guys, keep the tradition and give the future Groom Unforgettable moments with one of our ………… .special limousines… .And what happens in the Limousine… of course it stays in the limousine ……. Still the Man goes to war…. let the memory make his blood boil… .and he will be your best friend ALWAYS!

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Every year we celebrate the first day of our lives, the reason for our existence. What else could be a better reason to pamper yourself a little? This personal annual occasion is the perfect time to give yourself luxury and special attention; rent a limo to start your special day with comfort and pleasure, an incredible day waiting for you to have the most fun!

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In the life of a young man, graduation and prom is the most special day to date, the first milestone in their lives. It should therefore be noted with a special occasion. This important day needs special attention and thinking, so an unforgettable organization is the best choice, and renting a luxury car or limousine to take you to prom or graduation is the cherry on the cake!

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Stretch Limousines are the pinnacle of luxury transportation. Imagine that your personal limo is waiting for you, with the luxury services you want, ready to take you to your desired destination. Just relax, listen to your favorite tunes on your personal surround system while sipping on your drink, forgetting the stress of the flight as you reach your destination.

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Limousine for rent

We have a very attractive fleet of stretch limousines for rent. Our limousines are suitable for all kinds of events. Ringspot.bg partners with limousine rental companies across Europe, and not only… .we follow all current trends in the industry. In this way we are able to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers when choosing a limousine for rent, as well as to satisfy their requirements for a stylish, chic and unforgettable experience.

The limousines we rent cover the range from the most retro range to the latest and most modern trends in the industry. We also have Strech / Extended / Limousine boutique brands, as well as the highest end of the Mega Hummer Pinnacle and SR & COACH Limo business. We offer a limousine convertible and the party monster of the Ford Triton V10. All the best from the world of limousines in one place Ringspot.bg!